About Silkcase

skincare you can do with your eyes closed

on average you will spend 250,000 hours asleep in your life

and most of you will spend on average 41 hours a year on your skincare routine and 10 days a year on your hair. yet when you get into bed every night you risk ruining it all by using rough, dry and dirty cotton pillowcases


after researching, trying and testing, we found what seemed to be the best-kept secret amongst skincare professionals to ensure our hard work isn't wasted 

using silk pillowcases has drastic benefits on our skin and hair including reducing signs of acne, ageing, keeping the face hydrated and hair defrizzed


you need to work to achieve clear, healthy and wrinkle-free skin, but working on that every night when your eyes are closed is the most simple, most straight forward skincare routine of all, and it gives AMAZING RESULTS... 

now that is why we started SILKCASE

SILKCASE MARBLE silk pillowcase


Each time you buy a SILKCASE silk pillowcase we plant a tree

silkcase wants to make a positive change in the world

we are 100% committed to giving you the best silk pillowcases on the market and with each sale, you help us to contribute to improving the environment

SILKCASE is working with a charity who plants trees in africa, north and south america and asia. with each purchase, we will plant a tree in one of those locations on your behalf


by planting these trees not only are you helping reduce global warming but also helping support the communties working with the charity by giving them jobs and support too 

we're just getting started

we are passionate about helping, we want to help everyone feel confident in their own skin. we want to give you the hair and skin you dream of and we want to work to make positive changes in the world. we've got some really exciting things planned and were super excited to bring them too you, stay tuned...