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SILKCASE with lavender - How to get all 5 senses asleep
How to get all 5 senses asleep

Did you know that around 67% of adults in the UK suffer from disrupted sleep and 23% of us

get no more than five hours of shut eye a night? These days, sleep can be a rare commodity

indeed and struggling to fall or stay asleep or having a poor-quality sleep is something we all

struggle with at one time or another. Despite the nasty impact that fatigue can have on our

daily lives few of us actually know how to overcome our sleeping issues.

Only the sleep oracles amongst us know that the trick to a peaceful and quality sleep

involves all FIVE of our senses! This involves getting in tune with your body and stimulating

all your senses so that you can properly unwind.

1. Vision

Glaring notification screens and a group chat in frenzy and looking at the SILKCASE latest products will have you counting sheep for hours, so try and switch off your phone! - even better, leave it in another room to avoid temptation. If not, remember to activate night mode on your electronic devices or turn down screen brightness to reduce blue light concentrations. Blue light from our phones and other electronics can be very disruptive to sleep because of the alerting signals it sends to the brain.

Light detected by our retina sends alert signals to the brain and therefore has a direct

impact on sleep quality. Ideally, a completely dark room is most conducive to sleep but

certain light quality and intensity can actually relax us before sleep. Warm lights that give

off subtle golden hues in your bedroom are said to increase melatonin and soothe the mind.

Night lights placed outside the bedroom provide the perfect ambience; they are ideal for

navigating around the room after light’s out and prevent straining the eyes with bedside


2. Hearing

Listen to soothing music around thirty minutes before you plan on going to sleep. This will

relax your brain and prepare your mind for sleep. If total silence doesn’t work for you then

white noise is a great option that will reduce the impact of obtrusive sounds that are likely

to disturb your sleep. There are plenty of apps out there that will play you babbling brooks,

breaking waves, or crickets – whatever works for you! According to Spotify, Billie Eilish and

Ed Sheeran are the most popular artists to fall asleep to, we love Bon Iver!

3. Smell

Try using a pillow spray or better yet, rub essential oil onto your temple and wrists.

Lavender is an obvious favourite, with its relaxing aroma that has been clinically proven to

treat stress and anxiety, this is why we put it in every SILKCASE order, it looks soo good on SILKCASE White. A less well-known scent, which is equally as sleep-inducing, is

Roman Chamomile oil, known to help soothe chronic stress, headaches and nervous

disorders. People are more likely to get a comfortable nights’ sleep on fresh sheets so

remember to wash these at least every 7 days, and your SILKCASE every 2 weeks, preferably using a hypo-allergenic detergent.

You can also use essential oil fresheners or diffusers to keep your bedroom smelling relaxing

and welcoming. Air quality can also play a part in sleep quality, so to improve bedroom air

quality, why not invest in a bamboo palm, spider or fern house plant?

4. Taste

Aim to eat your evening meal at least two hours before you sleep to aid digestion. After this,

go for snacks that will boost your melatonin and tryptophan levels such as cherry juice,

pumpkin seeds and oatmeal. Herbal teas such as chamomile are perfect for relaxing your

mind and body before you sleep. Spicy, calorific and fatty foods can easily cause indigestion,

whilst the effects of caffeine can last for hours, so both should be avoided in the hours

before bed. It is true that alcohol helps us fall asleep, but it also heavily disrupts our REM

cycles and makes it difficult to sleep through the night.

5. Touch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that silk bedding is the best option for a

better quality sleep. Traditional materials like cotton pull and drag on the face, whereas silk

pillowcases are frictionless, allowing for a far more restful sleep. Look out for a SILKCASE that weighs 19 momme or higher for optimum comfort. Silk is a natural temperature regulator

and is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry whilst you snooze! It’s true that silk is more

expensive than traditional bedding but considering we spend one third of our lives asleep, it

is clearly a worthy investment, for more information about why you need to be sleeping on silk visit our why silk page! Silk pyjamas are also great for regulating our body temperature and are super soft on the skin.

Naturally, one mattress does not suit all and there are mattresses designed to address

specific sleep concerns. For those struggling with overheating during the night, it might be

worth spending a little more money on a cooling memory foam mattress. Or, if you find

yourself with chronic pain, a mattress suited to tender pressure points is a good option.

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