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These days, beauty trends travel a mile a minute, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you will probably have heard of the amazing effect that silk pillowcases have on our hair health.

But what is amazig is the benefits sleeping on silk pillowcases can have for our delicate skin.

That’s right! Silk pillowcases don’t just take care of our hair whilst we catch those zzz’s - it can have lasting and significant benefits for our skin too, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach.

But what exactly are the benefits of silk pillowcases on the skin?

Do silk pillowcases keep the skin hydrated?

Just as silk pillowcases work to retain hair moisture, they can also help to lock hydration into your skin’s sensitive outer layer, known as the epidermis. Silk pillowcases keep the skin moisturised thanks to its low absorbency levels to ensure that your expensive face products stay exactly where you put them. This is especially important if you have dry skin or for those cold winter months. All skincare veterans know that the key to youthful skin is hydration, it helps cell regeneration and helps keep skin looking plumper. A more hydrated visage = less visible wrinkles as you age.

Are Silk Pillowcases Allergy Friendly?

Skin allergy sufferers rejoice! Unlike synthetic materials, silk is free of potentially irritating chemicals. In fact, it naturally contains various natural substances that resist dust mites, mould and fungus, meaning that it’s also a more hygienic alternative to cotton.

If you suffer from a sensitive skin condition such as eczema, the frictionless and breathable benefits of silk may do wonders for managing outbreaks too.

Are Silk Pillowcases cleaner than cotton pillowcases?

This leads us on to our next benefit. Over time, cotton pillowcases can attract a whole host of bacteria from the natural oils found on our hair and skin. Thankfully, silk pillowcase’s low absorbency means that silk is a far more hygienic alternative as it does not retain these bacteria spreading oils.

As natural oils remain on the face, your skin doesn’t go into overdrive and begin producing excess oil. Therefore, frequently sleeping on silk can actually help prevent further breakouts.

This is great news for acne sufferers and it doesn’t stop there! The friction created by cotton pillowcases can cause irritation on sensitive skin, and worsen the effects of acne. Silk allows our delicate skin to move about with no tugging or pulling so that you can get a well-deserved restful sleep.

Are Silk Pillowcases Anti-Ageing?

Silk’s frictionless quality means less irritation and damage to the delicate skin on your face. When sleeping on cotton pillowcases long-term, the tugging and stretching of the cotton can lead to premature ageing.

An added benefit of silk is that it prevents those ‘sleep lines’ created from friction between your face and pillow. If you repeatedly find yourself waking up with these rather irritating sleep wrinkles, try swapping for a silk case as those lines can become permanent over time.

Do Silk Pillowcases Regulate Temperature?

Overheated skin can clog pores, create heat rashes and cause those expensive facial treatments and body moisturisers to sweat off in your sleep. Luckily, silk is naturally temperature regulating, and will keep skin cool whilst you sleep.

If you have entered menopause, you may be interested to know that silk cases have been linked to reducing those hot flushes, especially when used with silk pyjamas and bed sheets.

What to Watch For When Purchasing A Silk Pillowcase?

So you’ve decided to up your hair and skincare game? Can’t say we blame you.

A quick Google search brings up hundreds of silk pillowcases, so you might well be wondering how to separate the proverbial wheat from the shaft? Be wary, as lots of silk pillowcases are marketed as silk but the small print reveals they are merely ‘silk-like’ or blended with lower quality materials.

Check that your silk pillowcase’s momme weight is anywhere between the low teens and early twenties. Anything higher is a little heavy and better suited to upholstery, and make sure your case is nothing less than 100% pure silk. For a pillowcase you can trust, SILKCASE, helps combat global warming too, you know where to go!

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