why Silkcase?

three simple points

better skiN, better haiR, better sleep

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SILKCASE improves your skin, let's talk wrinkes...

Wrinkles are something that we can't escape, eventually, we will all get creases, fine lines and our skin will start to sag. The reason for this is that as we age, our skin produces less collagen, which is what keeps our skin plump. Overtime the collagen we do have, can stretch and get damaged, although there are steps you can put in place now to prevent this. That's where SILKCASE can help.
Cotton pillows pull and drag the skin on your face while you move in your sleep, which stretches our collagen fibres overtime. SILKCASE's are smooth meaning you face can glide over the fabric, ensuring the skin doesn't drag and stretch. Which over time reduces the signs of ageing

There are many causes of spots as I am sure we all know dirt and bacteria are definitely primary causes. Think of cotton pillows like sponges, absorbing dirt and oils from your face as you sleep, which you then rub on to your face on every night until you wash your pillowcase, which obviously can lead to breakouts. SILKCASE's are made from natural fibres which do not absorb dirt and bacteria like cotton, they're odourless and remain cleaner for longer.

As mentioned earlier, other fabric pillows are like sponges, absorbing, bacteria, dirt and oils. unlike regular pillows, SILKCASEs are significantly less absorbent, meaning oils remain on the face, meaning the skin will be less prone to sensitivity, dryness, breakouts and ageing. 

Our pillows are the answer to bedhead, waking up and rolling out of bed, onto work teams calls have never been so easy. SILKCASE pillowcases are smooth and almost frictionless, meaning your hair isn't pulled, dragged and rubbed in your sleep ensuring that your hair stays in check all night long 
Your sleep will improve with SILKCASE too, our pillows regulate heat and keep you cool, meaning that you won't be tossing and turning trying to get to sleep. 

SILKCASE black scrunchie